Atlas Fragments creator, and creative creator of creations. Family man, and avid tabletop gaming player/DM.
Sean wears many hats, doing QA, creative design, staff motivational speaking, and many other roles!
Onyx is such a valuable team member who provides wonderful comfort and support to all other staff.
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Hello there! My name is Tim and I'm creating animated maps (videos) for tabletop gaming! I like to call these animated map creations "Fragments" - as they are beautiful pieces of fantasy worlds, combined with the GM/DM and Player stories to create and flesh out that world as a living and breathing place.

I've been creating maps for the past ~30 years; I remember when I was just a young lad of about 8 getting sheets of grid paper from my older brother, who played D&D with his friends, and spending hours drawing dungeons... laying out meticulous paths and secrets, with traps and denizens strategically placed to give the adventurers a challenging and rewarding adventure!

Through the years I've done a variety of illustration, graphic design, 3D modeling, animation, and game development work, taking great pleasure specifically in the level, world, and map design aspects of that work. One day last year I had the epiphany that those skills could all be combined to make tabletop video maps to display on a TV laying flat to bring gaming sessions to a new level, and I started down this path.

With the support of my son Sean, and our beautiful lab Onyx sitting nearby, we love piecing together maps for games that friends and family will play. We're happy to share these creations with the fabulous tabletop gaming community, as I know from my own experiences that taking your game sessions to the next level is both a great time as a DM/GM, and players reactions are wonderful as you unveil new maps for them to explore!
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We are a very creative team

We love what we do and hope you will love it too.


Delivering 2 maps per month at a minimum. Many more if time permits!


We listen to the community and work to deliver the content you desire for your games.


Working to leverage technology in a variety of ways to improve tabletop gaming sessions!


Providing a variety of options to fit how you want to run your tabletop gaming sessions.

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Atlas Fragments is creating animated maps for your tabletop gaming sessions!

Bring your games to the next level, and increase your GM/DM efficiency by incorporating a little tech, and some beautiful map videos into your setup!

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