Forest Cave Entrance | No Grid | Day & Night Pack


  • Setting = Forest / Cave Entrance
  • Style = Low Poly
  • Grid = None
  • Time of Day = Pack contains both day and night version
  • Resolution = HD 1920×1080
  • Audio = Ambient | Breeze, Rustling Leaves, Birds
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This beautiful fragment is a stylized low poly scene at the entrance to a mysterious cave in the forest.  A set of bunnies play chase as birds enjoy the gentle breezes.  The tree leaves rustle, and sway slightly as the air passes through them, with the occasional drop of leaves that float across the ground.

There is ample cover for adventurers or enemies alike to seek refuge or perhaps ambush their opponents.

The video is approximately 1.5 minutes long, and meant for loop.  Ambient audio of the breeze and birds.

This pack contains 2 videos, and 2 static maps at 1920×1080; the day and night versions of the Forest Cave entrance with no grid overlay.

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