Forest Clearing | No Grid | Day & Night Pack


  • Setting = Forest / Clearing / Campfire
  • Style = Low Poly
  • Grid = None
  • Time of Day = Pack contains both day and night version
  • Resolution = HD 1920×1080
  • Audio = Ambient | Breeze, Rustling Leaves, Birds, Campfire, Owls


This fragment set is a stylized low poly scene in a lovely clearing in the forest.  A large campfire lays dormant during the day, could it have been an Ogre meeting spot?  This pack contains 3 variants, one during day and two during night; one with a lit campfire, and one without.

The tree leaves rustle, and sway slightly as the air passes through them, with the occasional drop of leaves that float across the ground.  During the evening hours fireflies dance at the edge of the forest nearby, and if your adventuring party chooses to do so, the campfire provides warmth and a gentle flickering light and flame.

The video’s are approximately 1.5 minutes long, and meant for loop.  Ambient audio of the breeze, birds, the campfire and owls at night.

This pack contains 3 videos and 3 static maps at 1920×1080; one day version and two night versions; Campfire lit, and Campfire out.  This Forest Clearing pack has no grid overlay.

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